About us

Hello, I’m Rutendo Linah Zireva, the founder of Chipo Chemawoko.
What began as a personal venture to showcase my handmade creations has blossomed into a meaningful endeavor dedicated to empowering deaf women within our community. Armed with an Honours Degree in Applied Chemistry and five years of experience in the chemical industry, I transitioned from my career as a chemist to pursue my passion for crafting exceptional products through Chipo Chemawoko.

Beyond crafting, my journey is enriched by my role as a wife and mother of three, all while cherishing the memories of marrying my college sweetheart.

I invite you to explore Chipo Chemawoko and join us in our mission.
Thank you for your interest and support!

Our Community

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Harare, Zimbabwe, Chipo Chemawoko operates within a diverse community predominantly comprising women from all walks of life. With a dedicated focus on empowering deaf women, we extend a warm invitation for them to collaborate with us, embracing the opportunity to acquire valuable skills in sewing and knitting, fostering both personal growth and financial independence.

Our vision extends beyond mere skill development; we aspire to nurture self-assurance among the women we serve, empowering them to transition from our program as confident entrepreneurs, ready to embark on their own ventures.

Furthermore, we proudly host inclusive community classes, inviting individuals of all ages to partake in the enriching experiences of knitting and sewing. Whether young or old, novice or seasoned, our doors are open to all who seek to explore their creative potential.

Should you wish to partner with us or place an order, we eagerly await your correspondence. Reach out to us today to be a part of our empowering journey.

What drives us

Our Mission

At Chipo Chemawoko, our mission is to craft exquisitely unique handmade products across an array of artistic disciplines, captivating hearts and homes worldwide with their beauty and charm.

Our Vision

Our vision at Chipo Chemawoko is to foster a world where awareness is raised and perceptions are transformed regarding individuals with disabilities. We strive to provide a platform for deaf women and girls to unleash their creativity through handmade works, empowering them to achieve self-expression, self-sufficiency, and financial stability.

Our Partners

Cotecna is a leading provider of testing, inspection and certification services. Offering solutions to make supply chains safer and more efficient for its clients. The Cotecna network consists of trusted professionals and certified laboratories providing expertise across four key sectors: agriculture, food safety, minerals & metals, and consumer goods & retail. Founded in Switzerland in 1974, Cotecna started off as a family business and has now grown to become a world-class international player with over 7,000 employees in more than 100 offices across approximately 50 countries.

Cotecna is authorized to test, inspect, and issue certificates of conformity on behalf of the Zimbabwe Ministry of Trade and Industry. Ensuring that regulated products exported to Zimbabwe meet safety and regulatory standards.

Cotecna sponsors Chipo Chemawoko as part of its CSR initiatives.

Oak & Lily

Provides quality education in a low-income community. Oak & Lily partners with Chipo Chemawoko to host skill classes for children and adults in the community. Provides crafting classes in partnership with Chipo Chemawoko. They school initially opened as a day care in 2020 and has since grown to offer primary classes as it meets an essential community need.